UK Gambling Ad Labeled as Seductive Is Prohibited by ASA

UK Gambling Ad Labeled as Seductive Is Prohibited by ASA

A TV that is somewhat saucy from UK bookmaker Coral ran afoul of the country’s ad standards council. (Image: Coral)

A TV spot for UK-facing bookmakers Coral was banned by the nation’s Advertising Standards Authority because it’s deemed to link gambling with ‘seduction,’ and therefore contravenes advertising that is gambling in that country.

The TV spot showcased two men in a barber store who’re reading The Racing Post and discussing whether or not to spot a bet, when an attractive young girl enters dressed as being a jockey. Pausing and then close one man’s jaw she holds up a sign bearing ‘today’s great offer’ the name of a horse and its odds while one of the men places a bet on the Coral mobile app with her riding crop.

Gibraltar-based Coral has protested its innocence, however, claiming that, while the did that is commercial contain an attractive model, it ‘did not consider that it linked gambling with seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness’ plus the character did perhaps not ‘flirt with or seduce the men and there is no recommendation that the men would be much more attractive or sexually successful after betting.’

Seduction Fills the Air

Nice try, Coral. We at don’t pretend become specialists in matters of seduction, but we would like to imagine that if an attractive girl dressed as a jockey teasingly closed our gaping jaws it would at least be a little bit ‘flirty,’ wouldn’t it with her rid Continue reading “UK Gambling Ad Labeled as Seductive Is Prohibited by ASA”

Two Execs Acquitted of Gambling Charges in France

Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors

Hawaii Latest State to <a href=""></a> Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors

Hawaii: Sweepstakes devices such as this 1 are seized in current raids by Honolulu police. (Image:

A place where one can go on a grand vacation to get away from their troubles for most Americans, Hawaii seems like an exotic destination. Unfortunately for the operators of sweepstakes cafes, the state has decided that it is not really a spot where they’re going to be able to conceal.

Hundreds of charges have been filed against the owners and operators of sweepstakes machines in a major bust in Hawaii. A grand jury has came back an indictment that included 414 counts against three establishment owners and six additional employees, including unlawful fees of money laundering and gambling that is promoting.

Up to now, seven regarding the nine people charged have now been arrested. The two remaining people, Mike Miller and Mike Madali, are in the mainland United States. Officials say they will be arrested on their return to Hawaii.

While the arrests and charges were sweeping, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has managed to get clear that their investigation is far from over.

‘Those who have it in their establishments, it would be a good idea to eliminate them because after them,’ said HPD Major Jerry Inouye if they don’t, the HPD will be coming.

Federal Judge Declares Machines Illegal

The move comes after federal judge Leslie Kobayashi granted the city of Honolulu’s motion for summary judgment in another case Continue reading “Hawaii Latest State to Crack Down on Sweepstakes Parlors”

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Nevada Recovery Continues

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Nevada Recovery Continues

The Las Vegas Strip enjoyed a revenue that is healthy in March. (Image:

Signs that vegas continues on the way to financial data recovery, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that statewide revenue had increased 7.6 percent, to $982.2 million, through the month of March, and by 10.9 percent on the Strip, to $560.7 million.

The figures reverse a two-month decrease in gaming revenue up to now in 2014, with table games, and baccarat in particular, yielding a robust turnover. Year-over-year, baccarat revenue increased by 39.9 percent in March, while craps income grew by 36 percent, and blackjack up by 6.1 percent.

Slot device turnover, meanwhile, was up 3.8 percent, showing an increase for the month that is third a row. Baccarat, a high roller game which analysts believe had been instrumental in maintaining the casinos afloat in the wake of the financial meltdown, grew to $101.8 million in income, with the cards favoring the home 4 percent more than they did year that is last. However, even without baccarat, statewide revenues would still be up 4.8 percent throughout the board.

New Demographic

The figures reveal signs that customers are spending and gambling again, although they also suggest a brand new affluent Vegas demographic is emerging the one that spends money on table video gaming, nightlife, restaurants and attractions, rather than funneling money into just slots Continue reading “Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Nevada Recovery Continues”

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