Lottery Fraud Investigation Goes Nationwide

Lottery Fraud Investigation Goes Nationwide

Ex-lottery official Eddie Tipton, who is suspected of fixing lottery draws in at the least four more states beyond the fraud perpetrated in Iowa.

A probe into lottery repairing in the US escalated this week as authorities expanded their research nationwide, fearing that the worker that is ex-lottery of fixing the Iowa draw may have pulled the trick all across the country.

Eddie Tipton, 52, the previous manager of information security during the Multi-State Lottery Corporation, was sentenced to ten years in prison in September for rigging the Iowa Hot Lotto game in an effort to claim a $14 million prize.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Tipton installed a hack that is self-destructing to ensure the random quantity generator used in the draw on December 29, 2010 picked his numbers.

He additionally tampered with surveillance cameras so his installing the pc software could not be detected.

Anonymous Claimant

An endeavor was initially made to claim the prize by a man that is canadian Philip Johnson, who reported he was too sick to collect the funds in person, however the claim had been turned down because Johnson was unable to confirm he had been the master of the solution.

Johnson phoned again several days later stating that the ticket ended up being, in reality, owned by the individual who wanted to stay anonymous. The Iowa lottery once again rejected the claim in the grounds that the rules forbade anonymous payouts.

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New Jersey iGaming: Do Falling Profits Give Cause for Pause for Online’s Future into the Garden State?

New Jersey iGaming: Do Falling Profits Give Cause for Pause for Online’s Future into the Garden State?

Nj iGaming is struggling, despite initially projections that are dazzling hawaii’s Governor Chris Christie.

Is New Jersey iGaming in some trouble? That’s the stressing concern numerous individuals are now asking following the round that is latest of financial reports.

The first piece of news to rock the gaming industry in the Garden State was that Atlantic City’s brick-and-mortar venues had suffered a year-on-year profit drop.

Comparing 2014’s take to 2015’s figures, the resort town’s network of live casinos made $197.7 million in the former, compared to $191.6 million in the latter october.

This disparity represented a 3.1 percent decline and a potential sign that the town isn’t experiencing the regeneration many had envisioned.

Poker’s Poor Performance

Including to this disappointment was the revelation that online poker additionally hit a stumbling block in October.

Looking especially at those numbers, October 2015 was a thirty days that returned 8 % more cash than hawaii’s operators created in September 2015 ($1,913,403 vs. $1,771,123).

Nevertheless, while this news was a positive, it had been tinged with another wave of disappointment after it became clear that the latest month of operation represented a 2.8 percent year-on-year drop.

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