Exterminator: Texas Holiday Story

Exterminator is a spy thriller film directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. The story revolves around a group of scientists who want to develop a machine that will kill off all the mosquitoes living in the city of Austin, Texas. Their plan is to flood the entire city with genetically modified mosquitoes that will not reproduce. One girl, a scientist named Linda Erickson (Sigourney Weaver), and her husband Rod (Wes Studdard) develops the Exterminator, a device that will destroy all the mosquitoes within an hour of its being installed.

Two men, Paul Ensler (James Russo) and Charlie Tilley (Brett Deguerra) become enemies when they discover that the mosquitoes have been releasing a chemical into the air that is killing them. They design an Exterminator that can destroy the targeted mosquitoes and release them outdoors so that no one has time to notice the destruction. The Exterminator Alba TX is strategically placed in each neighborhood, and each neighborhood is protected by a large spider web. The only way to penetrate the web is for the driver to trigger the machine and kill the targeted mosquito.

One night, however, the Exterminator is stolen from the couple’s garage by a bidder. He quickly realizes that the machine was intended for his own use, but he must first get it past the “Bid Hunter” (a member of the neighborhood who tries to get the Exterminator back). Meanwhile, Paul Ensler becomes addicted to cocaine in an effort to purchase the Exterminator for his use. When he is shot and killed, Rod and Linda create the Exterminator and allow it to be dispersed throughout the city. No one except the police is aware of the existence of the Exterminator, and it causes the local mosquitoes to die off.

An ex-cop named Frank Valentine comes across the Exterminator and buys it from the couple. He plans to use it to drive away drug addicts, but when he accidentally spills some of the chemicals on the home of John Valentine, killing him, he soon realizes that the Exterminator has been good to him too. The two become friends and the Exterminator Bonham TX are used to driving Valentine around town.

When a group of bank robbers breaks into the headquarters of Exterminator Inc., they inadvertently kill Paul Ensler. One of the robbers puts a gun to Paul’s head and tells him to “shoot them” if he goes after their money. Paul does so and then touches the trigger, killing himself. Linda Valentine then traps the robbers outside of the building and they are pursued by her. Eventually, she kills them all.

An Exterminator Follett TX Christmas scene shows a huge infestation of adult mosquitoes at the entrance to the home of John Valentine. In the climax of the film, as the Exterminator is driven around town by the crazy taxi driver, he is almost hit by a car. All of the other cars that surround him miss out and none of the local citizens or the police see the accident happen. It is because of this that the Exterminator, along with the other escaped mosquitoes are returned to their home where they can die peacefully.

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